Luwak Coffee

Arabica Toraja

Luwak Coffee


From the selected lot Finca El Porvenir, 100% Geisha Shade Grown trees. Each bag of this coffee is extremely rare & exclusive; We produce this delicious coffee inside the toraja mountains with the high level standards obtaining more than 90+ SCAA Score.

The Coffee Honey encloses the entire bean; magic is done there showing notes that will delight exclusive moments. Geisha is perfect for this, brix grade* levels take 26-28.

Location: Toraja
Extension: 1 Hectares.
Variety: Arabica, 100% toraja Coffee.
Process: Red Honey Processed, 18 days whilst the honey dries.
Drying: Sun dried at Raised Beds.
Farmer: Mr JAK.
Altitude: 1.880 M.A.S.L.
Roasted: June 20th 2018
Roast Level: Medium

Fragrance: Complex fragrance of red ripe fruits, surrounded by a marked sweet of caramel. This coffee is an explosion of sweetness.
Aroma: This clean cup explodes in the aroma the sweetened Panela molasses, caramel and cocoa.
Flavor: Intense flavor that reflects sugarcane sweetness, brilliant grapefruit acidity and juiciness aftertaste with limes, cocoa and nuts.