Arabica Toraja – Awan Rantekarua

Arabica Toraja

Awan Rantekarua


Awan DE

Country: Indonesia

Region : Awan Rantekarua, Toraja

Producer: Daniel Engga’, J. Palebangan, JAK Koffie

Altitude: 1710 masl

Elevation: 45°

Processes: Natural Process

Variety: Multi Varietal (90 % Typica & 10 % Lini S795)

Crop : July, 2018

Fragrance: Complex fragrance of red ripe fruits, surrounded by a marked sweet of caramel. This coffee is an explosion of sweetness.
Aroma: This clean cup explodes in the aroma the sweetened Panela molasses, caramel and cocoa.
Flavor: Intense flavor that reflects sugarcane sweetness, brilliant grapefruit acidity and juiciness aftertaste with limes, cocoa and nuts.